When you think of wallpaper, does an image of yellowing floral pattern in a parlor come to mind? No longer! Wallpaper doesn’t have to be stuffy or old-fashioned; in fact, there are plenty of modern and sophisticated ways to incorporate patterned paper into your home.


So whether you want to wallpaper an entire room or just add some flair to your bookcases, we have a few stunning suggestions for you!


Accent Wall

One of the best ways to add flare to a space is an accent wall—behind a headboard or couch is always a popular choice. But be sure to choose a pattern that compliments the other colors in the room!

Looking Up

If you are feeling adventurous, try papering your room’s ceiling! Adding pattern on the ceiling will bring texture to the space without being overwhelming.


Using tile for your backsplash can be expensive and time-consuming. Consider using a fun pattern to brighten up your kitchen!

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard wallpaper allows you to customize your design, make lists, write down reminders, and organize your day!

Small Spaces

Patterned walls can look amazing, especially in smaller spaces. Bathrooms and entryways are the perfect place to start your foray into all-over wallpaper.

Pops of Pattern

If you are feeling cautious about pattern, take baby steps. There are plenty of small ways to incorporate wallpaper into home decor without committing to an entire wall—also great uses for leftover or unused paper!


Credit: theeverygirl.

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