From when I was 19, I have been involved in over 6 relationships with guys of varying ages. The common denominator is their fat wallet. Now, I like this guy, but he’s not rich. Should I go ahead and date him even though I know he cannot afford my lifestyle? (Kenny, Lagos)


I think you should begin by defining what you want in a potential suitor. You should have certain qualities that you look out for in a partner. Do you just want to a man who will meet your financial needs or a man with a vision and godly character with which you will build a great and enviable future? What exactly do you want? No one can answer this question for you because it pertains to your life and future. Do you want someone who will be there through the thick and thin or a fair weather partner? Do you want a soul mate with which you’ll walk in your twilight years or an ATM machine who gives you all the money you want but doesn’t have an inkling of how you feel? I presume that at some point, when life falls apart, you want someone you can run to, not someone you want to run from.

  • You want someone who believes in you.
  • You want someone who loves you for who you are.
  • You want someone who instills faith, not causes doubt.
  • You want someone who hopes no matter the circumstances

It’s your call sis, because in the final analysis, we are all products of our decisions. So take a deep look at yourself and see if this person matches the picture of your future partner, but always bear in mind that no one is perfect, we are all work in progress.

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One of the great guarantees of life is that every person, every couple, will suffer. When choosing a mate, choose someone who suffers well (who will go the long haul regardless of whatever may crop up along the journey) and you will never be sorry.

All the best.


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