Actions speak louder than words. And this truth refers to literally everything we do during our existence. We might say many senseless words, give promises, and never execute them therefore offending the people we love. So how should we earn forgiveness without throwing empty “I’m sorry”?

Use Food

There is literally no one who wouldn’t like eating. Whether it is something salty or sweet – there is definitely something of your favourite. And so one of the best ways to say sorry to your beloved one is to feed them. Order pizza and send it right to their office, or bake a cake and write “I’m sorry” in icing at the top.

2 – Use Electronic Devices

With the invention of high technologies there has also appeared another creative way to apologize. If you have access to the computer, laptop, tablet or a smart phone of your precious one, put a custom background there. Take a picture of yourself looking appropriately remorseful and holding up a handwritten sign that says “I’m Sorry.” Now, when the person you’re trying to apologize to uses their device, they will be surprised by your cute apology picture.

3 – Use Clothing

Or it’s better to say “use almost-no-clothing” as you are to search for a sexy underwear to put on and surprise your beloved one. Meet your partner at the door when they come back home from work and say you are going to walk like this all evening long until they forgive you and you conclude a truce in the bedroom.

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4 – Use Adrenaline

Is there anything your partner wanted for a long time and would be very happy to try doing? Whether it’s a mountain climb or a motorcycle race– become an organizer of this truly unique event. Arrange everything on your own – the time, the place, the kind of activities you’ll be doing. Prepare a special outfit and leave it for them with a note providing the place and time you should meet.

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5 – Use Art

Remember when you were little and you used to draw pictures or make handmade cards? Who says that this has to stop! This doesn’t have to be extravagant, but taking the time to show someone that you care more ?than just saying “I’m sorry” can really help you both get over whatever the problem may be.

6 – Use Massage

There is literally no person who wouldn’t appreciate massage. Besides, it is a really good way to say sorry as in such a way you can show you are trying to alleviate the stress you caused for that person. In case you don’t feel confident with giving a massage, take some courses or read some tips, and don’t forget about a fragrant aroma oil to make the process even more pleasant.

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