I Know Those Behind Forex Crisis

The Managing Director (MD), of Capital Oil and Gas, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, on Tuesday, declared that he knew those behind the current foreign exchange crisis confronting Nigeria, and that he is ready to name them publicly.


Addressing journalists in Abuja, Uba said all he needed from President Muhammadu Buhari to achieve this objective, was to be appointed a consultant on Financial Stability, without pay.


He said, “What do we do to bring the exchange rate to N200=$1? I have four cardinal points, but I will not release them. I am a man brimming with confidence and ideas which is why I would dare to make such an audacious wager.


“Since my appearance and statement on Sunday night on Channels TV, dollar has crashed from N400 to $1 to N370 to $1. Is this not enough evidence that this freefall of the naira is artificial and could be better managed, with honesty and ingenuity?


“Do we have what it takes? It is not about being a professor in school but doesn’t know the chemistry of how a business plays. I know the people who are causing this problem and I can name them. I am fearless.


“I don’t want to be a Minister of Finance. I don’t want to be Governor of CBN. I don’t want any appointment from the Federal Government. All I want is to be a consultant on financial stability and it will be free of charge.”

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