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5 Ways to Remove Dead Skin from Feet

Even after taking care of your feet, do you still feel the rough patches of dry skin especially around your heels? Having super dry feet could be tiring because you want to show off your youthful and soft feet especially when you are wearing the beautiful heels.

There are several reasons your feet accumulate dead skin cells. Some of these are frequent wearing of the same pair of shoes, soap and shower gels that contain harsh chemical, frequent standing for long hours and medical conditions such as cancer and psoriasis. Today, I’d be stating five ways to remove the dead skin from your feet.

You can Treat Your Feet to a Foot Soak

One of the most effective ways that helps to rejuvenate your feet and to break down dead foot skin is by indulging in a relaxing foot soak. So, use warm water because it will seep into the cracks to loosen dead skin cells.

Scrub Problem Areas with a Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is one of the most popular methods for foot care tools. This is because the small pieces of porous and volcanic are perfect for scrubbing away dead skin without having negative effects on the skin.

You can Exfoliate with Hydrating Foot Scrub

Foot scrubs gently slough away rough and dry foot skin. It is more effective when they contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like fruits, spices and certain oils.

Use Paraffin Wax Treatment to Soften Your Feet

Paraffin wax is also known as “miracle softener” for spa-going crowds due to its intense moisturising properties and abilities to remove dry skin. When you dip your feet into warm melted paraffin wax, its natural emollients open skin pores and moisturise the skin; when cool wax is pulled of, it puts dead skin away with it.

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Tackle the Dry Skin with a Foot Cream or Foot Peel

Foot cream leaves you with soft supple foot skin. It makes your foot “glow” as desired. With daily usage of foot cream, your feet become softer and smoother. Also, it helps you to blast through dead skin cells.

Finally, we’ve all had to deal with dead skin on our feet. However, it is a good idea to shave those calluses down before they get too thick and affect your feet.

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