5 Ways to Build Character in Your Children

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Instilling good character in your children is one of the ways you can help them lead a successful happy life. We all want our kids to grow up happy and loved, but it takes patience, practice and gentle reinforcement to build character in children.

According to Dr. A. A, “character is an indication of a person’s ability to inhibit the baser human instincts of fear, greed, selfishness and pride while deliberately exercising virtues of goodness.” Human beings are not born with character; it is the result of choice, training and practice until the values that govern our actions are embedded in our subconscious.

It is safe to say that our character is a reflection of who we choose to be, the attitudes and values that govern our behaviour and how we feel about ourselves and others. To build character in your children, here are the five simple but necessary traits you need to imbibe in them.

#1 Confidence

The importance of confidence in this present age cannot be overemphasised. Provide your children with age-appropriate tasks and challenges to let them work through. Leave them to tie their shoes or choose their clothes. When you support them while they check off their accomplishments, you build their confidence to tackle bigger ones.

#2 Responsibility

Your children are a part of your family so, you should not exclude them from doing the house chores. Chores such as washing plates, sweeping or washing their socks. It makes them responsible.

#3 Work Ethic

Learning the values of something can help them to keep working hard, so they can achieve their goals and feel rewarded. Make them understand that, people earn from their jobs. So, you can make them do extra chores or get them to perform well in school to be rewarded.

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#4 Manner

This is a very important one to instil in your children. Your children are examples of how well you taught them at home. Teach them the five magic words and how they are used. The magic words are sorry, please, excuse me, thank you and pardon me. Also, explain the elements of a polite introduction. You can practice with them at home until it feels comfortable.

#5 Kindness

Kindness fosters compassion and shows children that their actions can have a big impact. So, teach them how to be nice to people and how to volunteer in doing some activities.

Developing a child’s character is not a short term project. To be successful, you must be insistent, persistent and consistent over the years. It may seem like a vague concept, but there are tangible benefits of character that last a lifetime.

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