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5 Ways to be Hospitable to Your Overnight Guest

Guests will always come around. You can’t stop them even when they only stay for a few days. In-laws, siblings, friends, cousins and the ones who simply breeze in without prior information are the ones you should expect in a typical Nigeria society. So, you have to make them comfortable as much as you can due to the stress of travelling. And there is more to making a room cosy or comfortable than simply providing a bed. This is essential if they are passing the night at your place.

Prepare early

Some guests will inform you few days before they arrive that they are paying you a visit. If this is the case, you don’t want them sleeping in a random room; you should prepare a bedroom for them. Ensure that the beddings are clean, there are enough pillows and the lightings are working.

Provide basic needs

You don’t want your guest always knocking on your door requesting for one item or the other. Therefore, anticipate their needs and make provisions for them. They will need slippers for the bathroom, toothpaste, toilet paper and other toiletries, universal charger and other little things to make them comfortable.

Tell them what they need to know

For close and very familiar guests, you should tell them what they need to know about your home. Inform them what they need to do when there is an emergency as well as places that are out of bounds. In addition, depending on the type of guests you may share your Wi-fi password with them.

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Consider the morning after

The morning after is important because your guest may want to leave very early. So, ensure there is running water, a new bar soap and towel. Also, it is good to get their breakfast ready as soon as you can especially if the guest informs you that he is leaving in the morning.

Think like a hotel

Although your guest will not pay you for staying in your house the way he will pay for a luxurious hotel, but he won’t mind being given the same classy treatment. Talk about staying in a hotel in Abeokuta! So, if you think like a hotel, you will provide everything they want. As a caveat, don’t overdo things. The rule of thumb should be classy with little or no extravagance.

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