It is important to inculcate some core values into your children from childhood. You can’t just assume or take it for granted that your child will turn out well. Parenting is a deliberate act; good children are a product of deliberate training and impartation of values from parents or someone who took up that responsibility. Parents are charged with this sacred responsibility of training up children and inculcating values into them.

With that in mind, here are 5 things every mum should teach her children.


The fear of God

One important thing you need to teach your children is the fear of God. If you are a believer, you must teach your children to know God. Pray with them, read and confess scriptures with them. Have times when you have family devotions. When they are old enough, lead them to Christ. When you are going to church, don’t leave your kids behind, take them along.

Teach them how to have a personal relationship with God by encouraging them to have a time of personal devotion – to pray and read the Bible on their own. When you do this, they will grow up to love God and fear him. Many of the vices and evil we have in the society are being perpetrated by people who do not fear God. The knowledge of God is the most important legacy you can hand over to your children. It will help them overcome life’s challenges and be successful in life. You need to teach the God-factor and all the difference it makes in life.

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Teach your children about self-esteem, self-respect and confidence. Children are easy prey for feelings of inferiority complex and low self-esteem. This is sometimes as a result of the way their parents brought them up; some parents kill their children’s confidence by shouting at them, shutting them up in the midst of adults or not giving them room for expression. Children need to be given room for expression; I don’t mean they should be rude, forward or overbearing, but they should be confident, be able to express their God-given talents and abilities. You need to teach them how they can carry themselves with dignity.



You need to teach them to be respectful to others. If you don’t, they will be naturally disrespectful. Teach them to show courtesy to others and respect adults. Teach them to be respectful and polite. Words of politeness include; thank you, please, excuse me, sorry, etc.



Teach them the importance of giving their word and standing by it. They must be able to make their word good. You should teach them not to lie no matter the consequences. Teach them to be honest and always tell the truth irrespective of the circumstances. Integrity is a very important component of life.


Diligence and hard work

Teach them the value of diligence and hard work. There is a saying that there is dignity in labour. In fulfilling their dreams and God-given destiny, they need to be tenacious and committed to fulfilling every word or prophecy that has gone ahead of them. The truth is that nobody becomes successful accidentally or by being lazy. Having taught them the God-factor, they need to understand the place of diligence.

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Without diligence or hard work, life will only amount to frustration and delusion. The God-factor is like a fruitful ground you are sowing into, the place of diligence is to till the ground, plant seeds and continue to water and cultivate it.


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