All parents must learn to say positive and encouraging words to their children daily. No matter what you are passing through as a parent, you must carefully choose the words that come out of your mouth. Say things that will make your child feel good inside and out with while growing up. Here are few of the positive words:

I love you. Every parent shows so much affection to their children but sometimes, it is good to back up those actions with sweet words. Make it a habit of telling your child that you love him/her every day.

I am very proud of you. Your child does not have to be the best in class for you to be proud of him/her. Be proud of your child for whom he is and let him know that from all your expressions as a parent. If you are doing these daily, you are helping that child to build a positive body image.

I believe in you. Some children strive hard in their academics to make their parents proud and happy by getting good grades in school so as to make their parents proud and happy. Always praise your child for making an attempt to do something, instead of scolding or punishing them for their mistakes.

 You are smart. Just because your child is not getting good grades or position as you expect does not mean he/she is not smart. Telling your child that he/she is smart means much more to them than anything else. If you want to raise a smart child and also want them to behave like one, echo it to that child. You are smart dear!

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 Listen to them. Make your child feel important by asking his/her opinion while discussing at home. Listening to children gives a good insight to problems, especially at home. Most kids will tell you the real truth without hiding anything.

Olamide Stanley

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