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5 Things Your Hair Stylist Will Prefer You Didn’t Know

5 things your hairstylist would prefer you didn't know

You might feel like you have hairstylists all figured out, but really you haven’t. The salon and hairstyling life is “full of mysteries and fun hacks”, and no matter how close you are to your stylist, there are still a couple of “secrets” they might not let you in on. Jumia Travel, a leading online travel agency, reveals 5 things or ‘secrets’ your hairstylist would prefer you didn’t know.

Trimming Your Ends Often is Unlikely to Make Your Hair Grow Longer

Hair is typically made up of dead skin cells and cutting the ends doesn’t speed up the hair growth process, though it helps to get rid of split ends. Hair grows based on your hair growth cycle, not because you trim the ends often. As far as hair growth is concerned, the average rate is ½ inch per month and no amount of trimming or regular salon visits will change that, except maybe seasonal or pregnancy-related hormonal changes.

You Can Dye Your Grey Roots Yourself

If grey hair starts to show, you don’t need to run to a hairstylist. Purchasing and making use of a home kit gives basic grey coverage and adequately matches salon colours. You just have to know what you’re doing because that’s the basic difference between you and a hairstylist – knowledge and practice. However, it is inadvisable for you to dye your hair to other colours on your own. It’s better to hit the salon for that.

If Your Products Work for You, There’s No Need to Change Them to Something New

In an attempt to sell some of their hair products, some hairstylists will advise changing hair products.  They may say your hair has “built up some kind of tolerance to it” or your hair is “used to it”. There’s no scientific evidence to support that notion. Hair products are not addictive drugs that your hair builds up a tolerance to. Unless your hair changes, maybe due to hormonal changes or other reasons, you can keep using the same products that have always been great for your hair.

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You Can Cut Off Your Own Split Ends

The keywords here, like we mentioned earlier, are knowledge and practice. As long as you know what you are doing and you don’t currently have an ‘insanely high-maintenance’ style in which even a little mistake can ruin the whole style, then please by all means cut them off yourself. No need for another costly visit to a stylist or hairdresser. However, if you notice your split ends are too much for you to handle, do visit your stylist for a trim.

You Can Deep Condition Your Hair on Your Own

Deep conditioning salon treatments are great and quite relaxing. However, deep conditioning is something that you can do on your own with home remedies. At a much lower cost, too! Home remedies are admittedly much better for your hair in the long run because of their natural ingredients. Do some research. Ask a few questions and gather some knowledge about the appropriate home remedies for deep hair conditioning treatments. With these, you can be on your way to wonderful, healthy-looking and stronger hair. Olive oil and coconut oil are just some of the ingredients great for hair conditioning.

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