Here are some ideas for celebrating the day and making it that little bit special for your little ones.

1. Make a Valentine ’s Day meal

Holidays are ideal opportunities to create traditions your children will remember for life. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s day this year than to make or buy them a lovely meal that the whole family will enjoy.

2. Teach them Something

Holidays also always provide a teachable moment, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Teach your children the legend of St. Valentine and the history of Valentine’s Day.

3. Host a Party

If you can afford to in this Buhari era, why not host a party. A small one. Invite family and friends over for drinks and small chops, even extend the love to your neighbours. After all it is a day of love!

4. Do a random act of kindness

This is the perfect occasion to show others that you care. What better way to show your children the spirit of love than to donate toys or clothing your child no longer uses to the less privileged. Show love to your spouse and to random strangers in front of the children, tips someone you know might need some help, visit an elderly person. This is a great way of encouraging your child to be kind and thoughtful.

5. Tell your children you love them

This one seems obvious, right? But sometimes it’s easy to assume that our kids know that we love them and forget to say the actual words. Even if you tell them every day, tell them again and again. Three simple words, but children can never hear them enough.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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