Why you need to have regular sex

Sex is a very important matter in marriage; a good sex life is a pointer to a good relationship and blossoming marriage; while an unhealthy sex life suggests that couples are having a hard time in their relationship.

  1. Good time of Bonding

Sex is a good way to bond with your partner; it is a way for couples to spend time with each other and give each other pleasure. Sex is the activity that sets you and your partner apart from being roommates or platonic friends. During this time, couples become physically intimate this enhances emotional intimacy and in turn strengthens the relationship. Sex is a good way for partners to express romance, love and passion to each other to the exclusion of others. So, instead of spending all the time on Facebook and other media sites, spend it with your partner.

  1. Good for Health

Sex is good for your health. Studies show that sex has several health benefits; it increases the heart rate, burns calories, and it enhances sleep.

  1. Facilitates Deep Communication

Sex could facilitate deep and intimate communication. During sex you have to talk to your partner about what you want or don’t want, what you like, where you want him to touch you etc. This kind of communication is deep and intimate, it makes you vulnerable to your partner; you are completely open with each other with nothing to hide.

  1. Produces good Hormones

Reaching orgasm releases a hormone called oxytocin into certain parts of your brain. Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that scientists have found helps to form love, trust, bonds and reduces anxiety. It is also the reason behind the intense pleasure of orgasm.

  1. Relaxation

Having sex with your partner helps you to take time off to relax. Most men particularly find sex a good way of cooling off after a tedious day at work or business. It is also good for women to end the day on a good note of pleasurable orgasm or to take time off from chores, tasks at work and stressful routines like; changing diapers, doing dishes, and cooking round the clock.

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To success in your marriage…


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