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5 Reasons You Should Cook At Home

Variety of dishes lavishly and tastefully displayed to invite and tempt Lagosians who want to feed their stomach. At Mama puts or Bukkas dotted around the city, you find bankers, civil servants and artisans jostling to buy food at these spots.  Madam give me Amala with efo riro, shaki, roundabout and pomo – they shout at the top of their voices.

In other cases, if you don’t like mama put, then the fancy restaurants is the place you frequent. While you regularly patronise these restaurants every day, have you ever considered cooking by yourself?

Of course, you are very busy and you have to leave home at 4am and return at 10pm and this will not give you time to cook. Perhaps, these reasons shared by Jumia Travel will encourage you to cook instead of eating out every day.

You can trust what you eat

For those who eat out often, they do not have an idea of the kind of ingredients that have been used in preparing the food. It is what they are served that they eat. But if you cook at home, you have the discretion to add the amount of contents you want without any worries.

You save money

You have to spend nothing less than N500 to eat at your favourite restaurants daily. But if you cook, you won’t spend such an amount. Every penny is worth saving in this current recession.

You hone your cooking skills

Men have the tendency to eat out more than women even though you find both genders at the mama put. Regardless, if you want to hone your cooking skills, it is not by visiting restaurants. You can find time out of your tight schedule to cook. For the men who cook at home, they can brag to friends about their cooking skills and they can show off their cooking skills to their significant other. It is definitely a wonderful feeling.

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You make healthier choices

Many of the foods you consume at restaurants are processed foods due to the ingredients that they use. Cooking at home not only helps you select your own ingredients but it ensures that you make choices that will not negatively affect your health.

It builds better relationships

Imagine one of those days your girlfriend who is always coming around to cook for you, but you told her not to bother about cooking because you will do it. Even though it may not be perfect, she will love you more. In fact, some women say that they prefer men who know how to cook. So, don’t be afraid to show off your culinary skills to your significant other.

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