When it comes to homework time, some preschoolers and parents always find it stressful while some don’t even have enough time to complete the task. But every parent should have it in mind that homework helps preschoolers to think more independently outside the normal classroom. If you are trapped while trying to figure out your children homework, here are few ways to deal with your preschoolers homework challenges:

If you are a working mother, create time for homework: Mothers have this gift of managing and supervising things easily without stress. You can deploy a number of strategies when supervising your preschoolers homework. Don’t nag, keep calm and before you know it, you will be through.

Get a comfortable corner for your preschoolers: Most of these children are tired after the many class works and other activities. Get a distraction-free area and keep all materials within reach. Pencils, erasers and extra writing materials must be kept within their reach.

Keep one on one contact with your child’s teacher: Always contact your kid’s teachers if there is any issue concerning the homework. Build a good relationship with your child/children’s teacher to help monitor and track their academic activities in school.

Let your child know the benefits of homework: Experts noted few advantages of homework. It helps the students improve their understanding of the subject. They can develop a better understanding of the subject and its applications when they attempt assignments on their own. Also, learners who have trouble with the subject will learn better when they attempt the homework at home and also revise the concepts they read in school.

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Homework motivates learners to take initiative and a good way to prepare for exams and tests

Attend to your child/children according to their strength and weakness: Some of these kids are brilliant and get things done easily without nagging while some are slow learners. Be calm with the slow learners and give them enough time to grab your explanations.

Give encouragements and stay readily available for concerns and questions.  Help your children be everything you want them to be.

Olamide Stanley

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