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Going on a first date can be nerve-cracking for women. You want to appear gorgeous, sexy, smell nice, and so on, just to leave a good first impression on your man. I’ve seen couple of ladies, pretending to be what they are not, as well as going to the extent of shopping or borrowing outfits and accessories, just to appear great. Ok get it right, I’m not against you looking great on your first date, but girl, do you really have to go out of your way to leave a good impression on your first date? Funny enough, most of the answers I received from male friends on what they look out for in women on their first date didn’t include what brand of outfit or accessories you put on, and this is why you need to read and immerse yourself with these 5 first date tips for women.

1.  Be gorgeous, but never ‘overdress’ to impress: when going out for that first date, don’t try to impress your man with your outfit, rather pick an outfit you are comfortable in, and that suits your body type.  For all you know, his subconscious mind may not be focused on your outfit, and why should you put the focus on your outfit in the first place, when the focus should be on YOU. 

2.  Be poised, but do not fake it: Yes, how you comport yourself is really important on a first date. How you walk, stand, talk, and engage him is what most men look out for on a first date. Just don’t fake it. Be YOU.

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3. Go for real food other than snacks or salad: I still wonder why most women prefer to order for salad, or snacks when asked to make an order on a first date.  Salad isn’t the only food that won’t make you struggle with your cutlery you know; foods like plantain with a sauce won’t send you to an early grave. Eating real food on a first date makes your man more comfortable with you. At least, he knows he is not out on a date with a rabbit, but a human. Just be considerate with your order if you’re not going to pay for it.

4.  Initiate good conversation: Initiating a conversation doesn’t make you appear rude on a first date; rather it shows you are as interested in the date as he is. You don’t have to wait for him to start up a conversation; you can pick up a topic in a general field that interests you, and if you want to knock him off his feet, then get yourself schooled on tech, sport, finance, or politics.  Men love ladies who are vast in those areas, and this will also help you know how cultured and informed he is.

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5. Wear a smile as much as you can: You definitely do not want to end up looking like you have swallowed a live bee. If you are trying to look elegant on a first date, then you should wear a smile. Men easily get attracted to happy women, and wearing a smile also shows you are happy and genuinely interested in your date.

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Now that you have read all the 5 first date tips for women, I trust you will implement them in your next first date, and if there are other tips not listed here, please do well to drop them in the comment box below.

Chima Rachael, J.

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