Except those who married their first love, (which I think hardly ever happen anyway) everyone has had their own share of heartbreaks. It could be that your partner cheated on you, and your heart just couldn’t contain it; or you saw a post on Facebook announcing your ex is getting married, thereby leaving you in a confused state, feeling upset, and teary-eyed. Or did you think you had moved on, but realized you’re always stuck on the thought of your ex? Believe me, I’ve been in that state, and I totally understand how it feels to be heartbroken. I would constantly sulk, and wet my pillow in tears whenever I saw pictures of my ex with some new lady pop up on Facebook or Instagram, and I would wonder; “will I ever find love again? Or does it mean I’m not good enough?” – I have had my share of brooding over the good times we had. But hey, that never does us much good, does it? So I gave myself a hard talking to about moving on, and I eventually did. I’m sure you really want to move on too, and that is why I have compiled these 5 effective ways to help you get over heartbreaks. .

Don’t be hard on your self

Sometimes, we just have to “feel the feelings” and give way for the tears welling up in our eyes. Let them flow freely, it will help you wear off the feelings and memories of the good times you had with your ex, and even the future you planned together. You should be strong, but that doesn’t mean being too hard on yourself.

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Go back to those things you love doing

If there was a time you needed to get up on your feet, now’s the perfect time to do so. Get yourself engaged in activities such as swimming, basketball, yoga, dancing and so on. Just anything you love doing, and if you’re not so good in them, then now is the best time to get better. You know why, they won’t only help you lose focus on your ex, and concentrate more on yourself, they’d help you become a better version of your old self. 

Forgive yourself

If there’s anyone in need of your forgiveness, then that person is you. Remember you are the one hurting, so you really need to forgive yourself to help you get going, and heal faster. Whatever happened, it’s time to bury the blame, and forgive yourself.

Be in total control of your thoughts

There will be moments when your thoughts will wander, making you cling to the memories of your ex, but it ends up causing you even more pain. Your ex may, at this moment, be having the best time of his life, what is stopping you from having yours? Take control of your thoughts and stop wallowing in grief and sadness. Start seeing life with a positive outlook, so you don’t miss out on the most interesting phases of your life. Remember there is more to life, than your ex.

Give love another chance

Love is life, and life is love. Don’t shut the door that leads to it by hardening your heart. Rather, embrace love, meet new people, make friends, be the best version of you, and give love another chance. That it didn’t work out well with your ex, doesn’t mean it won’t work out well with another person. Don’t give up on love. Who knows, your next meet up might just be the one for you. All the best!

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Apart from these 5 effective ways to help you get over heartbreaks,what other effective ways do you know?

Chima Rachael J.

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