Music is everywhere. From the sweet melodies produced by the chirping of the birds on trees to the blaring sound by automobile horns of cars, music can be anything. It is very powerful that it can have an adverse or extreme effect on the person’s mind and body.

Music comes in various styles and genre. Some of the most common include rib, pop, jazz, blues, folk, hip-hop, country and rock music. Listening to different kinds of music can have a very beneficial effect on the physiologic functions of the body. It is said to slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and even lower the stress level of a person. Moreover, music can help relieve depression.

Depression is a serious medical condition that makes a person very sad, hopeless and unimportant. Almost all people have experienced this medical state, for at least once in their life.

For the longest time, music has played a major role in treating several illnesses, including depression. Scientific studies showed that music therapy can restore the harmony between the mind and the body.

1. Music can help you with your problems

Music can help a person express their emotions. It allows them to show their true feelings and emotions. Usually, the flow of the melodic tunes into one’s ear allows letting go of the suppressed feeling of a person, sometimes making one burst into tears. Crying is a representation of feelings. The release of this feeling usually serves as the first step in the healing process.

2. Music can unlock your creative and imaginative minds

Music is one of the best ways to enter the so-called “mind-wandering mode” which is said to be responsible for unlocking the creativity of a person. It is in this mode that a person is able to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to the problems being encountered. The relaxing effect of the sound of music motivates and allows a person to express and interact themselves in a non-verbal way. A better way for persons who are afraid of opening up their problems verbally to other people.

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3. Music can affect your breathing and blood pressure

Music therapy can either slow down or speed up the breathing process. It can also decrease, normalize or even increase a person’s blood pressure. This is greatly affected by the kind of music one chooses to listen to. The slow and meditative tempo of music usually relaxes a person causing slower heart rate and breathing while the fast and upbeat tempo of music usually awakens a person causing faster heart rate and breathing. Truly, listening to music can affect a person’s mood at the moment.

4. Music can treat your addiction and prevents the possible suicide

The sound of music is a useful tool to teat someone from substance abuse and to prevent possible attempts of suicide. This is due to the therapeutic powers of music which help people get rid of destructive emotions. At the moment, more studies and researches are being done by experts to determine other benefits of music when it comes to addiction and suicide.

5 Music is a collection of memory

Every music you listen to and play on the radio or audio device is usually correlated to a particular person, thin or events that previously happened in your life. This may include either good or bad memories. It makes a person realized the lessons of life brought about by these experiences. These will allow a person to look back on those learning’s and, think twice of doing it again, open one’s heart to new beginnings and move on and continue with life.

There is no right or wrong kind of music. Careful choosing of the kind of music to listen to varies from person to person. Factors leading to their options greatly depend on their current life status and moods. The person’s exposure to these songs greatly affects them in many possible ways, positive or negative. It usually determines and mirrors a person’s outlook on life. The choice of songs can either break or make a person. Thus the careful choice of what to include in someone’s playlist is a must.

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