Having a baby can be an overwhelming experience. So, it is important for you to seek knowledge especially if you are a Nigerian mother. With this online trend of Googling everything, expecting mothers have access to thousands of materials, you have to be careful though with the information you get online. To help expecting mothers get information, Jumia Travel has drawn up a list of authentic baby websites. It is important to add that you must visit your doctor regardless of the information you get on these websites.


Babycenter is a well-known website to get all information about having a baby. It is a platform that follows you at all pregnancy stages – prenatal, natal and postnatal. It is a website every Nigerian mother should visit as soon as the baby bump appears. (http://www.babycenter.com/)


Parenting is perfect for first time mothers. It offers you everything you need to know about being a parent. The website features information like early signs of pregnancy, common causes of miscarriages and many other relevant parenting ideas. (http://www.parenting.com/)

What to Expect

With What To Expect, you can track your pregnancy weekly, interact with expecting mothers and know what is happening to your baby. You can also download the pregnancy tracker app. (http://www.whattoexpect.com/)

Contraction Master

You may not know about when your baby will be conceived but you will definitely get signs of contraction (which means labor is near). Contraction master is a website that helps pregnant mothers to easily and accurately know the time of labor contraction. This will ensure that you will be prepared! You can also download the Android or iPhone app. (http://www.contractionmaster.com/)

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Baby Connect

Want to keep track of the activities of your baby? Then you should check out the baby connect website or download the app. So, if you want to drop your baby with a nanny, you don’t need to worry. You have to ensure that the nanny records her activities like feeding, changing diapers and the baby’s mood temperature. You can even track the game the baby is playing. Anyone authorised to access this information can view it. Obviously, you have to ensure the nanny is trustworthy before handing her your baby. (https://www.baby-connect.com/)

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