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4 Signs That You Need A “Me-Time” In Your Relationship

Love can be intoxicating, especially in a new relationship. It is next to magical the way your lover makes you feel. And it seems as if the more you are with him, the stronger that feeling intensifies.

Slowly, your lover becomes the sun around which your life revolves. You begin to lose you. Which is why you need a “me time”.  A me-time or alone time is a moment of healthy solitude.

It is not a break from the relationship. But time to; re-evaluate your life, reconnect to who you are, and/or to indulge in activities that uniquely add value to your life. Here are 4 signs that you need a time alone in your relationship:

You Feel Stuck on Routine

After a while, the affair begins to feel like a routine – the same conversations, same sex positions, same jokes, and the same hangouts. The obsession you had at the beginning of the relationship starts to wear off. You feel stuck and bored.

You Are Torn Apart from Your Responsibilities

When you are in love, you are likely to prioritize your lover above everyone and everything else. It is true that relationships do require effort (from both parties) to work. But are your efforts draining other aspects of your life? What are the other equally important things in your life that you are not attending?

You Are Losing Your Friends and Family

While your lover should also be your friend and confidant, you shouldn’t lose the other people that make up the value chain in your life. If you no longer have time to hang out or see your friends or family because of your relationship, then it’s time to have a me-time.

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You Are Losing ‘You’

Do you feel like you are living your life for someone? You don’t feel like yourself anymore. You can’t tell if your plans, thoughts, and goals are originally yours or your partner’s? Then you need a me-time.

It is important to re-state that; alone time is not a withdrawal from the relationship.  Nor does it mean that you don’t love your partner anymore.

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