Perhaps you are tired of hearing how important it is to network when it comes to advancing career. The fact is, you have to connect to people and one of the most effective ways of building your connections is through LinkedIn, the world’s largest and renowned professional networking site.

Your LinkedIn profile is meant to enhance your personal branding, similar to how a resume does. The LinkedIn profile is your online resume and you can be dynamic with it. Also, you can include personal head shot, your hobbies, awards, casual summary of yourself and all things you cannot add on your traditional resume.

In addition, you must have heard how important the networking site is to your job search. Here are the four major reason you must have a professional LinkedIn profile.

#1 It Adds Personal Branding

Your LinkedIn profile adds a bit more flavour to who you are. Normally, your resume is a version of what you have done, what you can do and who you really are. However, the summary section of your profile opens up an opportunity to voice some of your ideals and goals.

#2 It Helps People to Locate You on the Web

Most times, employers search for their job applicants on the web to understand what they are all about. With google algorithm, it’s the LinkedIn profile that shows up on the top of the results. However, if it does not show, it might plant a seed of doubt in the employer’s mind about whether you are a real person or not.

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#3 It is Meant to Get You Inside

Here, connections get you referrals and referrals get you hired. You can get the connections by deliberately connecting to people on LinkedIn.

#4 It is the Best Way to Manage Your Network

What other networking site allows you to connect with your contacts, business associates and career mentors? If not with LinkedIn then with what? In a way, LinkedIn profile can help you to keep a track of every person you are connected with without having to fear of getting in the mist of their busy life.

Finally, the importance of LinkedIn profile in getting you hired to your dream job cannot be overemphasised. So, make sure you create a LinkedIn account today if you are yet to do so.

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