Many women are frustrated because they seem not to know how to please their husbands or keep them. While each person is responsible for keeping fidelity in their marriage, there are certain things that a woman can do to make her husband’s heart knitted to her.


Good food is an important way into any man’s heart. Generally, men like food more than women. Remember the story of Jacob and Esau; Isaac their father instructed his son Esau to prepare him venison so that he can pray for him and impact him with the blessing. The delicacy would provoke the prayers to surge up from the father’s heart. Giving your husband good food and delicacies would open up his heart to you. One of my mentors used to tell us that when she wants to ask special favours from her father she would prepare a good meal for him and after eating the food he would be willing to grant the request.

Discover your husband’s favourite meal, research better recipes for making it. Also, prepare delicious meals for him from time to time. To do this you should avoid being stereotyped; you need to be familiar with many recipes. There are many resources online where you can find new recipes to always spice up your meals and create varieties.


Just like food, generally men have more sexual drive than women. It is one of your primary responsibilities as a wife to give your husband good sex regularly. The importance of good sex to a man cannot be overemphasized; it makes him balanced psychologically, he is happier, cheerful and easy to work with. Sex starved men are usually grumpy, irritable and difficult to be around.

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The way you have your love making is very important. It must not be stereotyped, otherwise it becomes boring. Have new styles and positions; new locations; in the bathroom, laundry room, living room, who says you can’t make love in the kitchen! Be dynamic.

The Bible says couples should fulfil their conjugal obligations to one another and not to withhold from one another, except for fasting and even that is by agreement and they should come back together again.

A man that is sexually satisfied will be less tempted to seek satisfaction from outside.


The words that you say to your husband are very important. When you speak words of faith and encouragement to him, he is stirred up and feels like he could take the whole world right now. But if you speak words of discouragement and nag him ceaselessly, you would sap energy and enthusiasm for life out of him. So speak words of love and encouragement to him. Constantly tell him how much you love and believe in him. Remind him of God’s beautiful plan for him. Encourage him with scriptures and prophecies gone ahead of him about the greatness God is taking him into.

Remember to always pray for your husband, that God will give him wisdom and success in all his endeavours. As you do, God will show you more specific things that you should pray about.

Your marriage is a success!

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