We are approaching the end of the year, and this for some people is the time to make all the money they have failed to make in the last eleven months. Their desperation may lead them to pursuing money by hook or crook ways. It’s a known fact that the end of the year comes with increased criminality; violent crimes such as abduction for ransom, ritual killings, armed robbery, fraud, extortion, carjacking and many other criminal behaviours are heightened at this time. It is therefore important that we are conscious of tactics of criminals this season and take precautions in order not to fall victims of their desperate acts. Your personal safety is your responsibility.


You may ask, “what is the duty of the security operatives if you have to take care of your personal safety?”. In as much as the security operatives are paid to protect and secure you, you have a personal obligation to protect yourself and your family from danger whether or not the security operatives are around to keep you safe.


The following security tips are considered helpful by security experts:


  1. Threat awareness


* Be interested in knowing about security threats and activities in your locality – route to work, shopping places, home/residence and house of worship e.t.c. Develop the habit of asking friends/colleagues/neighbours about what is happening around your localities with respect to security.


  1. Personal Actions


* Remember to lock your doors and windows before leaving home or resting at night.


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* Check where your children are playing and be aware of the whereabouts of family members at any given time. Always tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to arrive.


* Remember your personal journey management – vary your times and routes: don’t set patterns. Avoid known trouble spots and avoid night time driving.


* Be vigilant, especially after social gatherings and when returning from places of worship, restaurants, clubs and supermarkets, etc.


* Be alert when returning to your home or compound. Ensure that you are not being followed or that there are no unknown persons loitering near your gate/premises. If you are in any doubt, drive on to a known or secure location such as a police station and report your doubt/suspicion.


* Avoid non-critical trips. Minimize night time movements. When travelling, avoid stopping in lonely, obscure places. Fill your fuel tank before you embark on a journey and stop to buy fuel only in major towns/cities.


* Do not flaunt your wealth! Do not display or expose anything of value either in your car or at home where it may be seen from outside as they may attract criminal attacks.


* As much as it is practicable, conceal your identity. A low profile lifestyle may reduce your vulnerability to criminal attacks.


* Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and where possible, consider transactions in banks within Shell premises.


* Avoid using ATMs in public places and during dark hours.


* Limit the number of people that know your personal details and travel arrangements.

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* Ensure you carry valid vehicle papers and pertinent travel documents at all times.


  1. Communicate


* If you feel that something is instinctively wrong, it probably is – report it! FEEL/SEE SOMETHING, SAY Something. You should have the contacts of the nearest police rapid response team around your area.


* Have a functional means of communication. Have adequate call credit on your phone. Being able to make that call could just be what you need to handle unpleasant circumstances.

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