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20 Stylish Ways Women can Wear a Kimono

Kimono comes in a variety of colors and prints. You can wear it with almost anything! You are free to pair it with shorts, fitted dresses, tees, crop tops, sneakers, sandals, etc. By the way, kimonos are not just for the casual looks, you can style it with elegant combos and dresses. Below are showcased ultimate styling tips to wear kimonos. There are so many outfit ideas you can recreate with this cool layering piece.

Kimono dress

Let’s start off with the kimono dress. Basically, it’s a wrap dress but the wide sleeves and pretty patterns makes it a lot more unique.

Kimono and jeans

A simple way to add a bit of “dressiness” to your jeans is by putting a kimono jacket on over it.

Kimono and strapless dress

How to wear a kimono woman – If you have a strapless dress but you’d like to cover up a bit or the forecast says that things are going to be a bit on the cooler side, a kimono over it can add some modesty or remove a bit of the chill.

Kimono and a belt

This is a really great way to wear a kimono jacket. The belt helps to add some curves and make the jacket look a bit more “blous-y”.

Kimono and swimsuit

If you’ve been shy about putting on your swimsuit this year, just add a kimono to it. You looking sexy is a major understatement.

Kimono and graphic tee

Graphic tees wear go with everything. This includes a kimono jacket. (We like it even more with those fringe booties!)

Kimono and shorts

When it comes to casual wear, the only thing that we like more than a kimono and denim jeans is a kimono and denim cut-off shorts. (Both preferably with high heels)

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Kimono and denim skirt

Some people may think that wearing a kimono with a denim skirt will make them look to boxy. It all depends on the cut of the skirt, the neckline of the top under it and how you choose to accessorize.

Kimono and layered necklaces

Layered necklaces are a popular look this season and it’s absolutely exquisite with the help of a beautiful kimono jacket.

Kimono and romper

Here’s a really great summer outfit. A kimono and a romper day at the beach or a day on your back-porch deck will welcome it.

Kimono and boots

Never thought that a kimono and boots would work before, huh? But giving it try looks really nice.

Kimono and a floppy hat

No matter what time of year it may be, a kimono with a big floppy hat is always right.

Kimono and leggings

Some women rarely wear their leggings because they feel like they’re too tight or too revealing. If you’re one of them, you can ease your mind by simply putting a kimono on over them.

Kimono and mini-skirt

If you feel the same way about your mini-skirt as you do about your leggings, a kimono works well with it too.

Lace kimono

If you already own a silk or satin kimono that you absolutely adore, how about trying some that are made out of other materials such as lace

Fringe kimono

Fringe is big right now. So, you’ll be right in line with the runway models if you have the kind of kimono with fringes on the bottom of your sleeves.

Sequin kimono

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Want to bring a bit of sparkle to your look? You’ll do exactly that with the help of a sequin kimono.

Velvet kimono

Velvet is another big trend this year. You can’t go wrong by getting a kimono that is made out of velvet.

Kimono in chilly weather

Velvet keeps you warm in chilly weather. So does knit fabric. Yep. This is proof that you can actually wear a kimono even during the winter season.

Bridal kimono robe

Another fact about kimonos is, in Japan, they are considered to be robes. If you have a wedding coming up or you’re planning on attending a bridal shower, get a bridal kimono robe. It will be a favorite of yours for many years to come.

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