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16 Essential Items You Should Never Leave Home Without

As a woman, you need to be ready for battle every time you leave your home. A day will come when you will have to battle the weather, germs, bad breath and your biological clock. You also don’t want to be that one girl that’s always asking for gum, tissue or an extra pad.

Just as the famous quote says, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready”, you need to be armed with certain essential items on a daily basis.

Below are three categories of 16 essential items that you should never leave the house without. 

Touch up products

If you used certain makeup products to get ready, carry a few of them to touch up your face throughout the day. Carry the lip products, setting powder and mascara that you used. This is so that you can keep your face looking the same way it did when you left the house.

1. Mini hair comb

You might get caught up in some wind, or have a situation where your hair got caught in the ceiling of a matatu as you were alighting. Have a mini in your bag so that you can quickly fix any hairy mess – the hair on your head that is.

2. Hand lotion

Ashy, dry hands are a big no-no. You need to moisturise your hands each time you wash your hands. Remember that the first signs of aging not only show on your neck, they also show on your hands so keep them nourished at all times.

3. Pocket mirror

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This might not be necessary if you would rather look at your face from your front-facing phone camera. Having one will still help you in times when you can’t use your phone as a mirror.

Hygiene Essentials

1. Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer

Believe it or not, but 70% of common illnesses are spread by touching everyday surfaces. These include door handles, office desks, computer keyboards and even shaking hands. You need to constantly have antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer on deck, especially before you eat anything.

2. Pocket tissues

These will save you in instances when you have a runny nose, need to wipe a wet surface or use a public bathroom that doesn’t have toilet paper. Always carry a pack or two every single da when you are leaving home

3. Pads/tampons .

This is extremely important because you wouldn’t want to be caught red-handed by Aunty Flow. Carry sanitary items with you throughout the month, no matter where you are in your cycle. You might get too busy and forget to pack some the day you actually need them.

4. Gum and mints

What if your lunch had a lot of garlic or onions, how will you comfortably talk to people for the rest of the day? Fresh breath is a form of good manners, you don’t want the people on the receiving end of your conversations to faint at the whiff of your breath.

5. Floss

Flossing is much better for your teeth and gums in comparison to using a toothpick. Floss removes excess food particles stuck between your teeth that a toothpick can’t reach. Carry around a few floss harps or a regular floss container, and sneak into the bathroom after that delicious meal to get the rest of it out of your mouth. 

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Emergency Must-haves

1. Umbrella

Have a mini umbrella in your bag at all times because truth be told, the weather is not that predictable. You also don’t want to get your hair or clothes wet, especially if you have an important place to go to. Leave home with on and you know you are fully secured

2. Nail file

Your nail might split or chip and biting that broken part off will only make it worse. Simply filing down any rough surface will keep you going before you go for your next nail appointment.

3. Hair tie

If you have braids or are wearing your tresses out, have an extra hair tie or hair scrunchie in case you want your hair pulled back away from your face and neck for whatever reason. You don’t want to get your hair or clothes wet, especially if you have an important place to go.

4. Charger/power bank

Keeping your phone alive in this day and age is crucial. You might need to order a meal, a cab or urgently speak to somebody on phone.

5. Painkillers

Your day might get really stressful at one point, period cramps may be unbearable or you may be feeling body pains or discomfort. Have a few painkillers on you in case you will ever need one.

6. Money

Don’t solely depend on mobile banking or wired money to pay for all your expenses. Always have some cash on you for backup.

7. Notepad and pen

This might be an old-school way of recording things but there is nothing quite like a good ol’ notebook and pen to get your thoughts out of your mind and displaying them onto something that you can see.

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