When you hear ‘confident woman’ most people will automatically have the image of someone they resonate within their mind. This person is easily noticed, they portray success and they radiate happiness. They are your perfect picture of ‘confidence’.

Here are the 11 Habits of a Confident Woman. You don’t need to have them all to be confident, but you would be very hard pressed to find a confident woman who didn’t have a number of these for sure.

1 – She Questions The ‘Norm’

Rarely will you find a confident woman who just goes with the flow, never questioning what she is told, what the ‘norm’ is and just being remarkably average.

I’m not talking about the women who argue every point, or even the women who find zen in allowing life to unfold in the ‘flow’ – but more so the ones that never question ‘why’.

2 – She Reserves The Word ‘Yes’ For When She Really Means It

We all know that one person (maybe it’s even you) that says yes to everything!! She doesn’t want to let anyone down and she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. But in doing so, she ends up always doing for others and not for herself. Sound familiar?

‘No’ is a difficult word for a lot of people to say. That’s because it is direct and definitive. A ‘no’ is a closure of a conversation and is a powerful word that can hurt when used incorrectly.

A confident woman knows that saying ‘no’ to others often means she is saying ‘yes’ to herself.

3 – She Uses Positive Words In Her Conversations

A business mentor of mine once explained to me how important our words are. His example was to do with simple words we use in our everyday conversations. Rather than saying ‘don’t forget’ he explained to say ‘please remember’ instead. We are far more likely to respond to positive words than negative ones.

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A confident woman uses positive words in her conversations to build herself and others up. She doesn’t have to put other people down in order for her to feel good about herself. A conversation with a confident woman will leave you feeling inspired.

4 – She Has Clear Goals And Action Plans To Achieve Them

A confident woman understands that while goals are important, they don’t mean anything unless you have an action plan in place to achieve them. It’s all well and good to sit here and say ‘my goal is to earn enough money so I can quit my job’, and that’s awesome. But unless you have a plan in place as to how you’re going to achieve it, your goal is nothing more than a dream.

Goals, action plans and tracking are all areas a confident woman understands and uses well.

5 – She Knows That Confidence Is Far More Than Appearance, But Knows The Benefit Of Her ‘Power Outfit’

Everyone has at least one outfit or one item of clothing that helps them to feel confident, powerful and like they could take on the world. And while we know that confidence is far more than appearance, we also understand that any little boost in confidence we can get, even if it comes from a perfectly tailored pair of pants and killer heels, is worth it.

6 – She Displays Confident Body Language

Picture Wonder Woman… just with more clothes on and less wind machine blowing her hair around. Seriously though, there is a lot of psychology behind the benefits of the power pose and a confident woman uses this to her advantage. Even when she’s not feeling super confident that day, she knows that she can fake it till she makes it with a power pose.

In addition, you will rarely see her slumped over or cowering in a crowd. A confident woman stands tall, looks people in the eye when she is talking to them and smiles, because she believes in herself.

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7 – She Has A Good Understanding Of Her Own Personality – Including Her Strengths And Weaknesses

Understanding your own personality can be key to your success. A confident woman knows her strengths and weaknesses and knows how to use them to her advantage.

Perhaps she is able to convey her message best when talking, but really struggles with writing her thoughts down. Simple fix – record what you want to say and have a transcriber write it out for you.

Perhaps she knows she is far more patient at around 10am when she has had time to have her coffee, respond to emails and write out her task list for the day. Fantastic – she knows not to book any meetings until after that time.

8 – She Creates Her Own Success Without Feeling The Need To Tear Others Down

You will never hear a confident woman say ‘well I did that better than you’ because she knows that her own success has nothing to do with others failures. Her successes are her own, she works hard to achieve them and understands that others successes are the same.

Comparison isn’t a trap she falls into (too often) and she is happy to help someone celebrate their own success, even if she hasn’t achieved hers just yet.

9 – She Focuses On The Positive And Leaves Negative Behaviors (And People) Behind

Being around a confident woman is like having a massive injection of positivity thrown into your day. She has no time for the Negative Nellies of the world and removes them from her life. She has this wonderful ability to see the positive in any situation and leaves you feeling inspired.

Sure she has her bad days like everyone does. And she isn’t 100% positive all the time, because that’s just impossible. But she strives to see the positive in the world and surrounds herself with positive people and positive things.

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10 – She Understands The Importance Of Self-Care

A confident woman knows that the first person she needs to take care of is herself. Because if she can’t take care of herself, then she cannot take care of anyone else. She schedules in regular self-care activities – even if it means getting up half an hour earlier just so she can sit and drink her coffee while it’s still hot.

Self-care is the backbone to success in every way. A confident woman knows there’s no point in grinding herself to the bone in order to achieve her success because it’s not sustainable. While she may not like it, she is also okay with speaking up when she needs help and when she needs to take some time out.

11 – She Steps Outside Of Her Comfort Zone

Whether you’re an extrovert, an introvert, or somewhere in between, stepping outside of your comfort zone can be tough. But a confident woman knows that nothing great was ever achieved within your comfort zone.

While it might take her some time, and some serious build up to making it happen, a confident woman is still okay with stepping outside of her comfort zone every now and then. In fact, she encourages it. She knows that stretching her limits is the only way she will grow and she is confident in herself when doing so.

How does your confidence weigh up at the moment? Are there areas you want to work on in order to boost your confidence? We aren’t always 100% confident all the time, but if we do at least some of these things, most of the time, then we will be moving towards being a more confident and successful woman.

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