This book explores the whole man; his make-up, nature and spirituality. The author, Michelle McKinney Hammond polled single and married men from all walks of life on what gets their attention; she discovered their wants were pretty the same. The biggest shocker came from Christian men; they want a godly mate, but a beautiful woman!  They want a woman who is sold out to the Lord but still in possession of all the attributes they expect to find in a woman.

Michelle shared countless examples on paying attention to details in relationships; she gave clarity on what is appropriate for singles versus married women. One of the most captivating techniques the author adopted was using “the five-senses as tools to getting your dream man’s attention.

According to the author, there are two basic questions every single woman must ask:

  • How do I get the attention of that special someone?
  • How do I keep the attention of the one I love?

Let’s consider the functions of the five senses as used by the author in relation to getting the man’s attention.

The Sight: if you must capture a man’s heart, then first; you must catch his eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, though silent, they speak volumes. Did you know your eyes have effects; they can captivate, invite, or deter a prospect, watch what you do with your eyes. If you need to know how and why these body parts play a major in getting his attention, this book is a must read.

The Sound: A woman’s words are creative in nature and very powerful. Michelle says we can breathe life into a romance by the things we say or wipe out all possibilities with one disempowering sentence. Your words include; compliments, conversation, prayer, teamwork, encouragement, etc.

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The Smell: Michelle emphasises that the scent of a woman goes a long way in attracting the attention of a man, or keeping the one she has once he has committed to the marriage union with her. The most important one is cleanliness; others are perfume, clean surrounding, good breath, clean hair, home cooking and so on.

The Taste: A woman flavours a man’s world like no other spice. Michelle reiterates that your encounter with a man can leave him with sweet memories or a bitter aftertaste in his mouth. Is your menu list refreshing and sumptuous? Your moods, tears, fears, secrets, dreams, needs, love and passion is under this category. A man’s taste should be given utmost attention if one must win his heart.

The Touch:  We have heard so much about a woman’s touch that perhaps we have begun to take for granted how powerful it can be. It is time to revisit this philosophy; this book explained this in detail. Your touch includes: your home, clothing, accessories, paintings, furniture, your body and heart.

The author shared practical truths to getting your dream man’s attention.  Men are three-dimensional beings; you must appeal to all three levels of their make-up – physical, emotional and spiritual. Acquire the wisdom to become first, the woman God wants you to be, and second, a woman the right man will desire.

To appeal to all of a man’s senses, send the right signals with your eyes, look your best all the time, make yourself attractive, smell good, be creative, and crown it with a warm character. Michelle McKinney Hammond’s 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention is rich and insightful for every woman. A man’s wants are expedient in sustaining a happy marriage or relationship, if you want to get his full attention, read this book.

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