Have you ever wondered why your husband is not interested in staying at home with you, but prefers to spend a lot of time with other family members or prefers to stay back in the office after closing hours? One of the best descriptions of what it means to be a good wife can be found in the book of Proverbs 31:10-31. Being a Proverbs 31 wife is not always an easy task, but it is a very rewarding one.  Making your husband stay at home to spend time with you is not as difficult as you may think; here are 10 tips to follow.

  1. Share Interests

Instead of nagging him endlessly about fixing electrical gadgets or wondering what is so fascinating about the football match – join him in his fun. Show an interest in things that fascinate him, so that he wants to share them with you and doesn’t have to feel guilty about his passions, but can enjoy them with unadulterated pleasure. Quite often, when it comes to their passions, men are little boys in big bodies. And just like kids, they have to be given a little attention and should be pampered too occasionally.

  1. Maintain Yourself

If you can, follow some kind of a fitness regime. It doesn’t have to be rigorous exercise. Try and carve out at least 20-30 minutes for a brisk walk that will rejuvenate your senses and keep you in shape. If you can’t make the time to exercise, try and maintain a healthy diet and cut back on a few calories. Maintaining yourself physically also contributes to your mental health, sense of self-esteem and even to a more active sex life, which is equally important in a good marriage.

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Also, spend a little time – and money – on taking care of your appearance. We’re not talking cosmetic surgery here – Just a little pampering and beauty treatment. Shape your eyebrows or get a facial. Feeling good about yourself and having your husband’s full attention on you is reason enough!

  1. Make Use of Surprise

Familiarity easily bores up men, which makes them lose interest. Surprise is one of the things that your husband won’t be able to resist. This does not necessarily mean that you have to do anything major. If you want to keep your husband, let him guess what you have in mind from time to time. When he knows the end from the beginning, he won’t wait to find out what’s coming.

  1. Validate Your Man on a Daily Basis

Your husband needs to feel like a man. Appreciate all the things he does for you. It doesn’t matter whether those things are big or small; they are worth, at the least, a thank you.

  1. Make the First Move

Don’t always wait for him to initiate sex. Tease and tantalise him and make the first move every little while. Your partner is probably preoccupied with boardroom tactics so it’s about time you took over the bedroom moves.

  1. Laugh Together

Laughter, as always, keeps a relationship alive. If a woman has the ability to find humour in everyday situations and can share a few laughs with her partner, it goes a long way towards retaining the spark in a relationship and increasing her allure to her partner.

  1. Keep an Organised Clean Home
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With kids in the home, keeping your family organised is a great challenge but being organised is important. Take the lead on organising things at home. Your bedroom, kitchen, living room, must always pass through constant touch for neatness.

  1. Listen Well

Listen to him. A good wife listens to what her spouse has to say without interrupting. Show empathy and learn how to have great conversations. The key idea is that to be a good conversationalist, you should strive to listen more and talk less, by engaging the other person to talk more about his interests. That is the mark of humility, respect, selflessness, and generosity.

Find a balance in arguments, but avoid them if possible. Nagging never works, and will only serve to irritate your spouse. Not speaking your mind is just as bad. Husbands are not tyrannical creatures: if you find a balance in arguments, and take turns to speak, things will surely improve.

  1. Give Him Space

When you give your husband space, it will actually bring him closer to you! This may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true. The end result is that when you give him his space and not chase him everywhere he goes, then you’ll give him time to MISS YOU more then you miss him! That way he’ll run back to you more eagerly after he spends time away from you!

  1. Constant Communication

No matter what is going on, you must keep that line of communication between both of you open. From time to time you may get so mad at him that you do not want to even talk to him, but shutting him out and not talking to him is exactly the wrong thing to do. You can only resolve problems when you share how you feel with him.

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