10 Red Flags to Avoid in Your Job Search

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10 Red Flags to Avoid in Your Job Search

Most times, the urge to get hired can replace the feeling that something is not right about a job. However, as a job seeker, the recruitment process should serve as an opportunity for you to monitor the company. Also, you can peek behind the curtain to have an understanding of the companies’ culture. Here are ten red flags to look out for in your job search.

Red Flag 1: An Ambiguous Job Description

This is the first step in seeking for a potential employer. So, the red flags to watch out for are a poorly written document, an unrealistic list of skills, and an unclear job tasks.

Red Flag 2: Clunky Recruitment Processes

If the recruitment process is inefficient, then it might send a wrong message to you. So, if the steps are frustrating and unnecessarily lengthy, you need to get a plan B.

Red Flag 3: There is no Clear Career Path

As a job seeker, be sure to ask about career path in the organisation. If the interviewer ignores the question, this might suggest a position with no prospect of promotion.

Red Flag 4: The Salary is not Compensating

If the salary offer does not match what is offered in the job description, then you should garner the courage to ask for other benefits.

Red Flag 5: Poor Communication

We all have different expectations, which makes this a difficult area for employers to get communication right. So, keep an eye on these red flags;

  • When the employer stops answering your messages.
  • Excessive messages which can leave you confused.
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Red Flag 6: Poor Company Reputation

Before attending an interview session, endeavour to browse on the company. This will enable you to know what journalist are saying about your employer.

Red Flag 7: Poor Treatment During the Interview Process

The way you’d be treated during an interview is an indication of how you’d be treated as an employee.

Red Flag 8: Lack of Culture

The companies’ culture represents the core of the company, what it stands for, its mission and vision as well as how it treats the employees.

Red Flag 9: Lack of Feedback

Feedback is very crucial in a recruitment process. Positive feedback gives you confidence and fill you with enthusiasm. On the other hand, negative feedback makes you weary. However, it is essential that your employer informs you whether they’d continue with your application or not.

Red Flag 10: Favouritism

It is no secret that some employers are involved in the act of favouritism. Sometimes, they showcase it during the recruitment process. This should send a wrong signal to you as a job seeker.


The recruitment process is just a step to being hired for your dream job. So, trust your instincts, watch out for red flags, and if it does not feel right, do not take the job.

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