There are several reasons a woman might consider to have an abortion, either due to unpreparedness, lack of finance, rape amongst others. While some of the reasons you may want to have an abortion might seem valid, however, here are some reasons you should never consider it:


1) It compounds the tragedy


Tragedies occur in life and sometimes they lead to pregnancy. However, having an abortion doesn’t solve the tragedy; it only adds to it. Thus, while rape is tragic, taking an innocent life is also a tragedy. Moreover, killing the child doesn’t make the rape go away; it only adds another tragic fact that you have killed a human being.

2) It is murder!

There is no two-way to it; killing a child or a fetus(if you want to live in denial) is murder, irrespective of whether you can actually see the human being or not. Once the fertilization of an egg has occurred—it is not a potential life being formed, but actually a life has been formed, and ending the life is nothing but murder!


3) It is a murder of a generation


Asides the fact that having an abortion is the killing of a child, it is more than just the killing of that child, it is the killing of the child and the generation of that child; a potential set of people that could add a lot of beauty, and impact to the world.


4) It violates human right

When we are deprived of life, religion and the likes, we feel really betrayed and feel like our right has been violated. Having an abortion violates the right of a baby to life.

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5) It is unfair!

Children are generally regarded as a gift to humans; now imagine taking a child’s life/ depriving a child of living: falling in love, being successful amongst other beautiful things, just because of your carelessness or unwillingness to strive.

It is totally unfair and selfish to the child who could have lived a life as beautiful as, or even more beautiful, than yours.


6) It is a sin

Despite the fact that we are quite religious in this part of the world, we are comfortable with overlooking the fact that our actions are sometimes a sin and one day we would have to answer for them. Even if you might not be a very religious person, killing a child/ aborting is a sin. One no human should ever even commit.


7) It can lead to death

The truth is: aborting a child is risky, and in an attempt to kill a child you may end up killing yourself. Now, the question is, do you want to be responsible for two murders? Even though death is inevitable and you might be willing to risk your life, is dying in the process of killing your own child the way to go?

Aside from the possibility of death, having an abortion can also lead to heavy bleeding, infection, scarring and damage to the cervix.

8) It doesn’t solve the problem


No matter what, having an abortion doesn’t solve the problem that made you want to do it in the first place. If you are trying to save face from your family members by aborting your child, the truth will come to light someday, and you would be embarrassed; if you are trying to keep a man, the man would most likely leave you; and if you are trying to be more responsible by having an abortion, thereby focusing on your education or other areas of your life, you would still be irresponsible; because the baby is not the problem. You are! And choosing to end a child’s life is still an irresponsible act.

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9) It sticks to you forever

The moment you abort a child, there is no going back, you can’t undo the action and it would be a decision/ action that would stay with you for the rest of your life.


10) You have a secret to keep

There are a lot of things that you might have done that you may not be proud of, but having an abortion is definitely a secret you would have to keep because you already know that it is wrong. You can’t go on the mountain and shout that you have had an abortion, or tell your in-laws that you have had an abortion; it would be something you would also have to tell a potential partner or keep from a partner. The secret alone is something that could complicate your life and even stop you from enjoying your life.


Now, aside from the above reasons, imagine if it was you; imagine if you were never born, not because you never existed but because your mother decided to abort you. It would have been unfair right? Tragic right? You never would have felt the sun on your skin, or met your friends; no falling in love, and you never would have had all you enjoyed about life. This is one of the ultimate reasons why you should never abort a child. Even though the situation might not be ideal, still choose to be brave and give your child his or her best chance at life.

Life is beautiful…


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