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Fashion Essentials

Most times, people often forget the power of what their basic items should be in their closet and the effect these basics can pull off. I call them the rescuers in times of confusion. I may be going out with friends, to church, for a show, to the movies or even going shopping and after going through my wardrobe without being satisfied, I always go back to my essentials. Most of us fashion lovers already know what our basic fashion essentials are.

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Ankara Classic

Nigeria has redefined Ankara to the world; the country is a big market for the cloth, however the local manufacture of the cloth is being hampered by smuggling and unfair trade practices. Ankara fabrics have been the desired choice of African women for decades. More recently, Ankara has been used to make bags, shoes, earrings, notebooks, bangles and neck scarves. Ankara tops and jackets are a common feature in offices on Fridays when it is time to dress down and go a bit casual.

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5 Things Your Hair Stylist Will Prefer You Didn’t Know

You might feel like you have hairstylists all figured out, but really you haven’t. The salon and hairstyling life is ‘full of mysteries and fun hacks’, and no matter how close you are to your stylist, there are still a couple of ‘secrets’ they might not let you in on. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, reveals 5 things or ‘secrets’ your hairstylist would prefer you didn’t know.

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