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The Starting Point (1)

God desires that we have an intimate relationship with Him where we let out our fears, cares, frustrations, pains, aches, longings, aspirations, lofty dreams and just be ourselves free from facades and unnecessary pretensions. Free from fear of disapproval or labelling. Free from wagging tongues and witch hunting. Free from guilt of past misdeeds and abuse. A song writer once composed a song titled ‘Free’ which goes thus: ‘Free to lift my hands, free to say Amen, free to know that someday I will rise again, I’m free, free to live not die, free to thrive again and because of Your Love I know, I’m free’ (paraphrased).

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Manners and Etiquette

Caring about others is what manners is all about. Think about that. It will improve your relationships with people immeasurably when you show them that you care about them! Manners and Etiquette are what distinguish us from the apes (and a good many of our fellow human beings too). There are no hard and fast rules or laws on the subject of etiquette. In a nutshell, having good manners is showing courtesy and consideration for other people at all times in all circumstances, putting yourself in their shoes and thereby not being offensive, rude or disrespectful.

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