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How Can Parents Help a Slow Learner at Home?

Parental guidance is one of the most significant aspects that determine the success of a child. This becomes even more crucial for a child who suffers from slow learning and related challenges. Lack of appropriate parental support and understanding could result in extreme frustration and social troubles in a child who has learning disabilities.

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Tips on Stopping Kids from Biting Their Nails

It is amazing to know that even adults still bite their nails; some say they do when they are deep in thoughts, scared, anxious or even day dreaming. I often hear people ask this question, ‘can an adult learn new tricks at his old age’?. Children grow into adults with habits formed when growing up. So it is only clever to help crop some habits before they are mature.

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How Do Commercials Impact My Children?

TV and cable commercials have a powerful impact on how we perceive the world and it is on what we perceive that we need to “survive” and “thrive.” The reality is that your children do not need most of the items advertised in commercials, newspapers and magazines. They need love, food, shelter, encouragement, boundaries, some clothing and some shoes. Nearly everything else is not a necessity. However, commercials send a very pervasive message to your children, such as:

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8 Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Sex

We’re familiar with the stereotype of religious conservatives as buttoned-up Puritans who don’t enjoy sex, much less tell their children about the Birds and Bees with any degree of candor or joy. But in the same way that the Puritans-hated-sex story was completely untrue, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the parents who think of themselves as sexually liberated who struggle to talk about sex with their kids.

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My Innocent Attempt To Lose Weight After Pregnancy Led To A Vicious Eating Disorder

I had everything I’d ever wanted: a lovely little house, an engagement ring on my finger, a wonderful stepdad to my daughter (who was six going on 16) and a new born baby boy. What should have been the start of something amazing and the happiest time of my life was instead the trigger of a lethal attack of mental health problems.

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