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Shit Tales: Bad Day, Devil Drinks Water…

I had just left the Iselle-Ukwu NYSC camp in Delta state and was travelling back home in
order to retrieve my car for use in the service year. I stood at the motor park looking strange,
exhausted and tired. There was no attire to suggest that I was a corps member, save
my ID card in my pocket- my khaki and other paraphernalia of service were tucked away
safely in my little hand bag.

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“Honey, please naw be fast. I don’t want to be late for my flight oh”. That was the voice of my girlfriend Chioma. I didn’t respond. I dropped the phone I was chatting with and pulled on the knob of the water closet so she could hear the toilet flush. Before I opened the door I heard another notification on the phone and I saw the message from “laundry guy” – alright, meet me at dominos when u drop her off.

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Biodun and Jude were the first to rush out of the office building in CMS after close of work. They got to the car park around the same time, got into their cars, winked at each other and drove off in opposite directions. They have both known each other for over a year now, but they only became close friends two months ago when they got into an argument at the office cafeteria about the best residential areas to rent a house in Lagos.

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Are They Sharing Money In Lagos?

I was driving down to Ajah from my school campus at Ibeju-lekki when I realized I forgot to carry my laptop along with me so I had to make a quick U-turn. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a quick U-turn turned out to be a five-minute wait for a compassionate driver…

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