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How To Make Fried Indomie Noodles

When one hears about noodles, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a meal for children. But the trust is that most adults love noodles just the way children do. Some declare their love for noodles publicly while some are closeted noodle eaters. (wink)

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How To Cook Ofada Rice and Sauce Like a Pro

Ofada Rice and is a native Nigerian meal that originates from the Yoruba land, precisely the Ofada region in Ogun state.

Apart from its delicious taste, what makes Ofada rice stand out among all other kinds of rice is its unique presentation and pungent aroma which give the appeal of a local homemade food.

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Yamarita “Dun Dun Oniyeri” (egg coated yam)

What happens when Rita fries yam dipped in whisked eggs? Yep! you guessed right…..”Yamarita” is what happens…lol! i still wonder how this name was coined but i must admit, it does sound catchy. Most times, i often remember to make Yamarita whenever i want to recycle leftover boiled yam from the previous days meal.

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How To Cook Oha Soup Aka Ora Soup

Oha soup is another great Soup recipe eaten by the people in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is one of those irresistible native Igbo soups. It is commonly known as Oha soup by Abia and Imo indegenes and Ora soup by Anambra and Enugu indigenes.

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My favourite Ofe Nsala

Ofe nsala is a popular and delicious soup in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is called the “white soup”; This is because of its light colour due to the absence of palm oil. It has a unique taste and can be prepared really fast.

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