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Dear Doctor Tola: Pain in the Breasts

Dear Dr Tola, I have been having pain in both of my breasts for about a week now. However, this is not the first time because I have often felt such pain on and off for the past 6 months. Sometimes, it hurts so much I cannot sleep on my chest. What should I do? Fine Girl, 24. Lagos.   Dear Fine Girl, I want to assume your most pressing concern is the fear of breast cancer and I want to assure you that pain is rarely a symptom of breast cancer. In fact, cancer lumps are generally painless....

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Sister, Ask Questions Rather Than Assume (1)

We have the tendency of not asking too many questions which leads to a lot of assumptions being made. These assumptions in the long run end up being wrong, untrue and unfounded, having adverse effects on us and thus causing us great distress. I charge us as women not to take certain things for granted and just assume. We can nicely but firmly ask why things appear and remain the way they are, I shall refrain from going into the specifics in this edition, but I encourage you to take a deep look at all that makes you up – job, family, church, kids’ school/education, the house you live in, your bank etc. 

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How to be a Super-Mom

There is so much to being a mom that some women often experience fear when it comes to motherhood. While those fears are not baseless, it is safe to say that most of those women end up being great moms, super-moms as a matter of fact.

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Finding Competent Managers for Your Business

Management is the core of any organisation; for a business to run smoothly there must be a well-structured management system. It is important for any successful company or organization to have competent managers. Managers are the drivers of a business or organisation; they determine the direction, tone and tempo of the business. Without a well-structured management, business would be hampered and there would be anarchy. While discrimination is frowned at in any organization, it is however important to have managers who are spiritually and philosophically compatible with the head of the organization. Paul, the Apostle reiterates this when he...

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